Guidance and Counselling

We know that attitude has an immense bearing on achievement, therefore, we take the well-being of our learners very seriously. Every Oakwood learner should be happy as they learn and have daily opportunities to achieve measurable progress in their academic and life skills learning. Oakwood Academy’s strong guidance and counselling function exists to assist learners with day-to-day challenges as and when they face them, as well as to impart specific skills and learning opportunities in a proactive, preventive manner, ensuring all learners can achieve success through academic, career and personal/social development experiences.

The Academy’s guidance and counselling programme
targets the following development areas
for ALL learners:


Learning to learn


Learning to contribute


Learning to work


Learning to live


Our admissions process is designed to be simple and straight forward. Through it, we aim to understand the needs of prospective learners before a place is offered.