Extra-Curricular Activities

The Oakwood Curriculum goes beyond pure academics. Crucial Life Skills like teamwork, resilience, etiquette, grooming, health and fitness are an intergral part of daily lessons.


Physical extra-curricular activities, while not offered by Oakwood Academy, are available through our Sports Partners, who are fully-aligned with our educational vision and child protection policy.

The sports offering is of the highest standard with well-renowned professional coaches and purpose-built facilities. Currently, activities that are offered include tennis, cricket, hockey, volleyball and basketball. We encourage all Oakwood Academy learners to take part in at least 2 hours of sport a week, either through our sporting partners or independently.

The Academy provides logistical support for its learners that are registered with our Sports Partners in the form of transit buses from Oakwood Academy to venues.

Tennis Oakwood


Our admissions process is designed to be simple and straight forward. Through it, we aim to understand the needs of prospective learners before a place is offered.