Our Approach

At Oakwood Academy, we believe that every young person has unique talent and ability. Our commitment is to find, nurture and grow that talent and ability in our learners. We do this in a learner-centred, world class learning environment.

Our staff are well-equipped to enhance learning through the consistent use of best practice teaching techniques, which address each learner’s particular needs while building academic confidence. We mentor our learners for life in the “real world” through life skills training that is woven into the daily programme at Oakwood.

Our latin motto is “Modo Scientia Lumine”, which means “Knowledge Lights the Way”. This motto is the clearest distillation of the mission, vision and value system of Oakwood Academy.

Modo scientia lumine

Our Manifesto

We intend to be a foundation stone in the lives of our learners. Oakwood is a bastion of knowledge and learning; a foundry within which both the learner and the teacher are forged. From our learners we expect mastery of the curriculum and from our teachers we expect excellence in professional practice.

Oakwood is a home for passionate educators who strive to be leading lights of learning. An Oakwood Teacher reflects on the work of their days, their terms and their years of contribution to guiding the achievement of excellence in their classroom.

An Oakwood Learner absorbs the light of knowledge which shines on their way to individual excellence. Each learner uncovers and fully realises their own potential to succeed, not only during the time they are with us at Oakwood, but continually as they step into life and become all they set out to be.

Our Triumvirate

Together, the triumvirate equals more than the sum of its parts, and is our education.

Knowledge – Knowledge is the torch that shines on and reveals the world around us all. As it grows brighter, so does our vision, our wisdom and our learning.

Learning – Learning is the skill through which we acquire and teach the light of knowledge, not only as that knowledge is imparted through education, but also as we learn for life.

Life – Life is the path we all travel. It has many turns. Through our skill of learning and the light of our knowledge, we can realize our full potential manifested within every opportunity and obstacle.


Our admissions process is designed to be simple and straight forward. Through it, we aim to understand the needs of prospective learners before a place is offered.